“When dreams are paired with passion, hope and tenacity, they become an undeniable force”

J Lee

Sharing my Life Experiences and Perspectives…

  • Reshaping and Reprogramming our Mind and Life

    May 20, 2021 by

    @the_jessica_lee Life is but a balancing act. Sometimes, life can be messy, hectic, and downright difficult. How can we find balance and not let the hardships sink our ship?? How can we stay afloat during times of loss, grief and intense emotional turmoil?—The good news is there is always a light, or a beacon to… Read more

  • Life is Rarely Black and White

    April 25, 2021 by

    @the_jessica_lee Life is rarely just black and white, as life itself, often occurs in the perfectly imperfect gray area. The beauty, the mystery, the adventure, is often everything in-between. Not everything exists in the dark, and not everything thrives in the light. But the balancing act of dark and light is much more like a… Read more

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