Stand Tall and Reach for the Stars

@the_jessica_lee Stand tall, reach for the stars, the moon, the sun.✨⠀⠀Set goals, dream big. Make daily progress by taking daily action.⚡️⠀⠀Constantly create opportunities, both for yourself and for others.💫⠀⠀Share your knowledge, your kindness and your heart.🤍⠀⠀Together, may we all rise and strive for a sweeter tomorrow. 🤟🏼💛 Happy Sweet 16th!! Always, JLee, Your #sweet16 #sweet16selfcare⠀

Here’s to You

@the_jessica_lee Here’s to YOU!!! To those who’ve been battling, struggling, fighting, surviving, living, questioning, thriving. Here’s to you. I believe in YOU. ☕️🤗⠀⠀Though this year has been riddled w insurmountable challenges & the unknown, I’ve seen this as an opportunity to look inward. To really dig deep within & search for our inner strengths, talents,Continue reading “Here’s to You”

Women Supporting Women

@the_jessica_lee This is a challenge empowering women, to support women. Our world needs more of this. We need more of this. May we celebrate, support, encourage & love each other. May we nurture, respect, help, learn & grow, from one another. ⠀⠀To my biological mother whom I have yet to meet/reunite with, thank you, forContinue reading “Women Supporting Women”