Integrating Artistic and Creative Talent with Humanitarian Passions


Trotting around town with my briefcase, “Lil Sweet” bringing some hope and joy to the kiddies at @shrinershospitals  makes my heart so full!!!

It is such an honor and privilege to be a part of @dealornodealcnbc and to be able to use my briefcase to help promote and spread goodness. I always dreamed of creating a life that integrated BOTH my artistic/creative talents and my humanitarian passions.

To inspire with love is truly an amazing gift that we should all strive to embrace and exercise, daily.

My experience on #dealornodeal has been nothing short of amazing, as it’s allowed me to be me, and to share the unique characteristics that make me unique, with the world. So to all of my fellow #adoptees, to all fellow #asianamerican #colorodans, to all #artists #dreamers #scientists #volunteers #dogooders #tomboys #empaths and #souls I see you, I stand with you, as I am you.

Keep dreaming, keep believing and know that we are each unique individuals that have the ability to create a better, brighter reality if we all work together. ❤️🙌🏼 Love Always, JLee Your Sweet 16



Published by jlee_sweet16

Jessica Lee is a Los Angeles-based model/actress, host, LA social scene guide, influencer, motivational speaker, and active volunteer. Her recent work includes being featured in a global ad campaign for United Airlines, model #16 on Deal or No Deal hosted by Howie Mandel, and guest appearances on General Hospital. In her role as “Sweet 16” on Deal or No Deal, J Lee emerged as one of the stars of the show given her charisma, empathy, and unique ability to connect with the contestants and the audience. J Lee was born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Colorado before moving to Los Angeles. She has a very diverse set of talents and interests including behavioral and neuroscience, avid reading, yoga, health & fitness, fashion, dance, art, music and sign language. She has a passion for working with and inspiring kids and is the co-chair of a non-profit literacy program that serves low income and high needs elementary schools.

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