Reshaping and Reprogramming our Mind and Life

@the_jessica_lee Life is but a balancing act. Sometimes, life can be messy, hectic, and downright difficult. How can we find balance and not let the hardships sink our ship?? How can we stay afloat during times of loss, grief and intense emotional turmoil?—The good news is there is always a light, or a beacon toContinue reading “Reshaping and Reprogramming our Mind and Life”

Life is Rarely Black and White

@the_jessica_lee Life is rarely just black and white, as life itself, often occurs in the perfectly imperfect gray area. The beauty, the mystery, the adventure, is often everything in-between. Not everything exists in the dark, and not everything thrives in the light. But the balancing act of dark and light is much more like aContinue reading “Life is Rarely Black and White”

A Unique Time for Reflection, Restoration and Caring Connections

@the_jessica_lee 03•16•2020 During this new, interesting, and unknown time in history, many of us have been looking back, reflecting on our lives, to this point. •What got us here?Where are we now?And where do we wish to see things going in the near future?This is a time where many of us are hanging onto faith,Continue reading “A Unique Time for Reflection, Restoration and Caring Connections”

What Lights You Up and Illuminates Your Soul?

@the_jessica_lee In the midst of this sometimes dark and clouded world, what lights YOU up and illuminates YOUR soul? As humans, we are a species that is not meant to survive, nonetheless thrive, on our own. We are biologically predisposed to rely, connect with and work with others, in order to succeed. Much of theContinue reading “What Lights You Up and Illuminates Your Soul?”

A World of Endless Possibilities When We Stop Saying “Can’t”

@the_jessica_lee How would your life change if you stopped saying “can’t” ?? Words have power and often our words become our reality. If we are feeding ourselves a negative and limiting dialogue, what boundaries are we also unintentionally creating? What if we begin focusing on possibilities vs limitations; “cans” instead of “can’ts”? Try it. It’sContinue reading “A World of Endless Possibilities When We Stop Saying “Can’t””

What are You Grateful For?

@the_jessica_lee What are YOU grateful for? Take a few minutes every day to reflect, and think of what you’re grateful for. 🙌🏼 Have you tried this?.I like to do this by starting with 3–5 deep breaths; taking equal time for inhales and exhales. You can do this with your eyes open, closed or while youContinue reading “What are You Grateful For?”

What Path Do You Choose for Your Journey?

@the_jessica_lee I’m curious, Do you take the road less traveled? Or the path of least resistance? Which journey brings you the most joy? The beauty of this is there is no single right or wrong answer. Let me know which path or road you take? 🤗 Everyone must choose the path, road, and journey thatContinue reading “What Path Do You Choose for Your Journey?”

Embrace Your Uniqueness

@the_jessica_lee Always be you. Embrace your uniqueness, as that’s what makes you beautiful. 🤟🏼🌈🙌🏼.“Don’t be discouraged, oh I realize,It’s hard to take courage.In a world full of people,You can lose sight of it all.The darkness inside youCan make you feel so small.Show me a smile then.Don’t be unhappy.Can’t remember when,I last saw you laughing.This worldContinue reading “Embrace Your Uniqueness”

Stay Connected to Your Roots

@the_jessica_lee Chautauqua!!! Have you ever been to #chatauqua in #bouldercolorado ?? It is one of my favorite spots and was such a wonderful treat taking Lil Sweet home to #colorado for a little #hometownvisit 🤗.Staying connected to my roots, where I came from, where I grew up, is so important to me. I am so grateful for all of my childhood friendsContinue reading “Stay Connected to Your Roots”

What is Your Unique Talent?

@the_jessica_lee What is YOUR special talent or hidden skill?? I can’t wait to learn about all of the special things that make each of you, you. 🤗 Everyone has a nifty talent or skill, that makes them unique. Embrace what makes you, YOU. As no one else can be YOU! Please trust me when IContinue reading “What is Your Unique Talent?”