Embrace Your Uniqueness

@the_jessica_lee Always be you. Embrace your uniqueness, as that’s what makes you beautiful. 🤟🏼🌈🙌🏼.“Don’t be discouraged, oh I realize,It’s hard to take courage.In a world full of people,You can lose sight of it all.The darkness inside youCan make you feel so small.Show me a smile then.Don’t be unhappy.Can’t remember when,I last saw you laughing.This worldContinue reading “Embrace Your Uniqueness”

What is Your Unique Talent?

@the_jessica_lee What is YOUR special talent or hidden skill?? I can’t wait to learn about all of the special things that make each of you, you. 🤗 Everyone has a nifty talent or skill, that makes them unique. Embrace what makes you, YOU. As no one else can be YOU! Please trust me when IContinue reading “What is Your Unique Talent?”